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Fusion 360 DXF Export

When designing laser cut projects in Autodesk Fusion360 the easiest file format to export is dxf. But to do this for laser we will need to make a special sketch and export that.

Start file

Finish your part and save your file.

New Sketch for export

Start new sketch

Create Sketch

and select the top surface of the part

Select Plane

Project Features

When we select the top surface of the part you'll notice that all the connected features highlight. These are automatically projected and their outlines will automatically get added to the sketch.

We will need to add the eye of the dragon and the inner features of the "g" and "B" from the part. To do this start the Project tool from the Create menu.

Project Geometry

Select the islands in the part and hit ok on the project menu and Finish Sketch.

Project Islands

Check the sketch

Once you finish the sketch it will be active so you can see the contents. I like to turn off the bodies I drew it on so I can see that all the geometry is there.

Show Sketch

Save as DXF

To export the the sketch, Right Click on the sketch you created in the model tree and click "Save as DXF"

Save as DXF

Check Drawing in LightBurn

Open up LightBurn with a new file and Click Import

Import Drawing

This will bring the .DXF file into LightBurn and the contents will be fully selected automatically.

Grouped Geometry

Checking for Errors or Duplicates

Occasionally you can create duplicate lines using the project tool in Fusion360. To check for this, while the entire drawing is selected, Ungroup the drawing and use the "Delete Duplicates" tool in the Edit Menu

Ungroup Geometry

Delete Duplicates

No Duplicates Found

All Finished!!

Your drawing is ready to use