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Cuts / Layers

The Cuts / Layers window in LightBurn shows the list of operations you have in your design. It's very common to have the layers set to be cut in this order (though it's not required).

The view here gives a summary of the operations, showing the type (Line, Fill, Both, or Image), the main speed and power settings, and the two toggles to choose whether the layer is output (sent to the laser) or shown in the editor. If you select an entry in this list, the values at the bottom of the list will let you edit speed, power, number of passes, and interval (distance between lines when doing a fill).

The buttons to the side allow you to manipulate the list of layers:

Move - The first two buttons, "Move up / Move down", allow you to re-order the entries in the list, by shifting the selected entry up or down in the layer order.

Delete - The next button will delete all the content on the selected layer. Note that layers themselves can't actually be deleted, exactly - They disappear automatically when nothing is assigned to this color, so you either have to assign everything using this layer color to a different one, or delete all the shapes using this color.

Cache - The next two buttons let you copy the selected layer into a "cached" setting, and copy the cached setting over top of the selected layer. This allows you to quickly copy the settings from one layer to another if you need to.

If you right-click the 'Output' or 'Show' headers at the top of the list, you can quickly turn on, off, or toggle that setting for all layers:

Right-Clicking an entry in the layer list will flash all the shapes using that color in the edit window, allowing you to quickly see what's using this layer setting.

Holding the Shift key and clicking a layer entry will select all shapes using that layer color. Note that if you have shapes using this layer grouped with other shapes from other layers, the shapes from the selected layer will be removed from the group in order to select them, so this operation can alter your file.

Double-clicking an entry in the layer list will bring up the full Cut Settings Window, allowing you to edit to all the cut settings, including many not shown here.