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What's New in LightBurn 1.6

Import and Export User Bundles

LightBurn 1.6 simplifies the process of backing up and importing settings with the new User Bundles feature. This feature shows you all of the devices, libraries, and settings currently on your computer, and allows you to export or import them all in a single operation.

Toggle Draggable Control Handles With Ctrl/Cmd

In LightBurn 1.5, draggable control handles were added as a shortcut for adding a corner Radius to rectangles and to control the number of sides on a Polygon.

In LightBurn 1.6, the behavior of these draggable handles has been changed slightly — they are now enabled by pressing and holding the Ctrl/Cmd key, preventing them from interfering with other operations when not needed.

Vendor Bundles

This feature is specifically for hardware vendors, and documentation is available on request.