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Laser Types

There are many types of laser cutters and engravers that are compatible with LightBurn, let's talk about a few of them.

Diode Lasers

These devices typically share a lot of design with 3D printers, and are equipped with a small, fairly low-power diode laser module. These devices can usually cut thin pieces of wood or plastics, but are far more often used to engrave wood or plastic surfaces with a design.

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CO2 Lasers

These devices use a CO2 beam to cut through thicker pieces of wood, plastics, or other organic materials. While there are "galvo" style CO2 laser cutters, most of these are gantry style, where the beam is "moved" about the cutting area with a gantry system. Many of these lasers use a glass tube filled with gas to produce the beam, hence the name.

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Galvo Lasers

These devices have a fixed galvo head responsible for actuating mirrors to move the beam, and usually have an external box responsible for generating a beam. This beam is produced by a CO2 or Fiber source to engrave, color, or occasionally cut pieces of metal or glass.

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