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Disclaimer and Safety


Lasers use intense beams of light to create heat and fire as a normal part of their operation, and depending on the laser, the light might not be visible to you. When used safely, a laser cutter is an incredibly useful tool. However if the proper safety measures are ignored, you could burn or blind yourself or someone else, or start a fire that could damage or destroy your home, or in the worst case, kill someone. CO2 lasers use high voltages, and if wired incorrectly could kill you.

Do not leave a running laser unattended.

By using this software, the user accepts complete responsibility for each and every aspect of safety associated with the use of the laser machine, laser system and LightBurn Software.

You agree that:

  1. You will always follow the manufacturer guidelines when operating your machines.
  2. You will not hold the author or contributors of LightBurn liable for any damage to equipment or persons from the use of LightBurn.
  3. You understand the potential hazards in using high power lasers and high voltages.
  4. You will wear proper eye protection rated for your laser when operating it.
  5. You will use the LightBurn software in a legal and safe manner.
  6. You relieve the author and contributors from any liability arising from the use or distribution of the LightBurn software.
  7. You are entirely operating at your own risk. Lasers can be lethally dangerous.