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Help! I can't find the camera info I'm looking for.

We've split the camera guide up into multiple pages. If you followed a link to a specific section of the older guide, you may need to go to one of those additional pages.


You can use LightBurn's camera features to:

  • Position artwork on material/objects
  • Trace designs from the camera image
  • Monitor your laser

To use the camera, enable the Camera Control window by going to the Window menu and selecting it. You'll see a window like the one below, and you can select a camera from the dropdown.

Camera Control Window

Screenshot of the camera control window.

Using a Camera

If you've already got a camera installed and calibrated, and it shows a clear, undistorted view of your laser's bed when you select it, you can use your camera to position designs with the camera overlay and to trace artwork using the camera.

Camera Setup


LightBurn only supports the use of UVC-compatible cameras. Because of differences in how cameras work between operating systems, some software cameras (such as OBS Studio's "Virtual Camera") may not present as a camera at all to LightBurn, or may render incorrectly.

If you don't have a camera installed, or if your camera's view is distorted, our guides can help you with selecting, installing, and calibrating a camera.